Never Let Anything Dull Your Diamond’s Sparkle


Since the day you exclaimed that most important “Yes!” of your life, you couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of your shining, shimmering symbol of endless love. You kept looking at it and proudly showed it to family and friends, who were just as thrilled.

Shortly after, you got preoccupied with all the wedding preps, the much-awaited wedding ceremony, the honeymoon adventures, and finally, the journey of married life! You got lost in the euphoria of new beginnings that gradually, you’ve forgotten to check out your ring every so often. Until, surprise, surprise! It’s not as gleaming as it used to be.

You wear your ring to the shower and rinse that soap lather. Lotion residue gets stuck in it. You prepare food, clean the bathroom, and tend to your garden. Natural oils that our bodies release also accumulate. We use our hands for almost every activity. It is hardly possible to maintain our diamond ring’s pristine and spotless condition.

But give yourself some grace! Promisingly, a famous author once said, “To every problem, there is already a solution whether you know it or not.”

So, whether it’s a straight, cathedral, or braided diamond engagement ring, you can bring the brilliance back with these easy do-it-yourself cleaning tips:


Find a brush that you can use to scrub (not scratch) the surface gently and reach those tight, hard-to-reach, narrow spots. You can choose to clean and re-purpose old brushes at, or you can invest in one that is particularly made for cleaning jewelry. You can also make use of soft-bristle toothbrushes as long as you designate them for your ring only. Remember to be as gentle as possible.


I’m sure every home with people living inside has a dishwashing liquid. No matter the brand, you can surely work with it. Just put a small amount in a bowl and add some freshly boiled water. Soak the ring inside the bowl with the solution for at least 20-40 minutes. The dishwashing liquid should help loosen up and expel the grease and other dirt from the ring. After soaking, run some tap water on the ring to rinse the dirt. Repeat if needed.


After rinsing your diamond ring, and once you deem it rid of all the dirt, you may now dry it by wiping it with a cloth. But not just any cloth! Use a microfiber cloth. The same cloth that comes with the eyeglasses to wipe the lenses with. Some skincare experts are also suggesting that we use a microfiber cloth on our faces. Why? Microfiber cloth—from the name itself—is a cloth made of very tiny fibers.

The fibers are so small they can catch even the smallest dirt, dust, debris, and—brace yourself—bacteria! Lightly dampen the ring, and it will quickly absorb the liquid and dries fast. Important note: never use paper towels or tissue because they will leave tiny particles which do the opposite of cleaning your diamond ring.

diamond being fitted


Be careful with harmful chemicals and substances that you might be exposing your diamond ring to. They might do more damage than good. Household cleaners, acetone, bleaches, or chlorine—even toothpaste—are not designed to maintain the glimmer of your most important accessory. Even hand sanitizers, soaps, moisturizers, etc., can dull your diamond’s sparkle.


To avoid a thick build-up of oil, lotion, soap (or even food particles, you never know), it’s always better to be consistent in cleaning your ring. You can repeat the procedure above at least once a week. If it’s been years before you had your diamond ring cleaned because, you know, life happened, it’s best to consult a professional jeweler.

Wearing your ring and protecting it is just as important as the commitment it symbolizes. Losing the most important jewelry in your life is just as scary as losing your other half. And just like how marriage makes us one with our significant other, the ring becomes not just a piece of jewelry but an integral part of our hands. But to maintain its beauty, we need to exert efforts and make sacrifices. Take it off if you must. Be mindful of what you’re exposing it to.

Removing it from time to time does NOT affect the promise that you have made. It is actually the opposite. Taking care of it wholeheartedly reflects how much you value this pledge of love and how much you love your (soon-to-be) other half.

And just like your engagement ring, may your love life shine and sparkle just as bright!

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