A Crash Course on Actual Self-Care

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Let’s face it: the working-from-home lifestyle sounds enticing. You don’t need to worry about getting stressed about the daily commute. You get to juggle daily tasks with work, and you get to spend more time with your family. You don’t even have to fret over what to wear! Working from home sounds highly ideal to many people, especially for young professionals and working moms.

But what many people overlook before diving into remote work is that it’s so easy to lose sight of making a clear separation for your workspace. Technically speaking, everywhere at home is now your workspace. Here are some ways you can take care of yourself better without losing your sense of rest and relaxation after unplugging.

Never bring work to bed

For the longest time, you’ve associated your bed with comfort and rest after a long day. Now that you work from home, do your best to dedicate a specific area to your workspace. Once you’re done for the day, leave it at your desk. Not only does this help you feel a physical sensation of “I’m done with work,” but it also makes a healthy boundary for you to focus on some me time.

Take a moment to stretch

Working at a desk for eight straight hours is not going to do your body any favor. According to experts, stretching can help improve your posture and overall mood, especially when you’re required to stay in one spot for an extended period. Set hourly timers throughout your day to remind yourself to get up and move around, too.

Come up with a night routine and stick to it

Your night routine can be anything: putting on skincare products, winding down while reading a book, or even having a cup of tea. Having a routine and being consistent with it will help reset your body clock and put your brain in “rest mode.” You could also invest in a more comfortable sleep system. Cooling blankets help people sleep better, especially in the summer. Your night routine can include any activity as long as it helps you relax.

Connect with loved ones

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Working from home can make a person stir-crazy. So when you have time, reach out to your friends and family. A few glasses of wine over a Zoom call or a cuddle session with your significant other or child can help boost happy hormones. Venting to people close to you, even if it’s just through a screen, is a sure way to lift your spirits when work gets you down. Yes, playing with your pet counts, too.

Take up meditation

There are loads of guides online for meditation, so find one that works for you. Meditation won’t require fancy gongs or oils to set the mood. All you need to do is get comfy and take deep breaths, as meditation focuses on being present and reconnecting with yourself. Some methods include breathing guides and ambient music, so find one that fits you.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Working an eight-hour shift makes it easier to forget to drink water. Hydrating keeps a body healthy and happy, so do your best to gulp down at least six to eight glasses. Drinking water also helps keep your gut in tiptop shape. Have a designated water bottle for this. Some cute bottles have motivational words printed on them, so you can get yourself one.

Treat yourself!

When it all boils down to it, this is still work. Merging your home with your office can lead to earlier burnout, so make sure to reward yourself! Buy yourself some chocolates, binge watch a few of your favorite shows on a weekend, or have a soothing bubble bath after a challenging day. You don’t have to look for elaborate reasons to treat yourself, and try not to get carried away.

Self-care can come in so many forms, and it isn’t all just skincare and chocolates. Truly taking care of yourself while working from home means setting boundaries and checking in with yourself. Are you pressuring yourself to get more things done beyond your work hours? What about your body: are you feeling healthy? Are you trading in your sanity for productivity? If you are, it may be time to step back and remind yourself that you are human and require utmost care.

Working from home does not require you to be working 24/7, no matter how tempting it can be. Reserve weekends, stay consistent, and above all, practice being nice to yourself when mistakes happen.

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