Ski Basics: Ski Gear and Clothing Mistakes Among Rookie Skiers

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As soon as it starts getting colder out and the powder begins to fall, skiers begin to have an itching feeling to explore the great outdoors during the coldest months of the year. This is an exciting time for ski resorts as people pour in along with their colorful ski gear and bulk clothing. It’s easy to get addicted to winter sports, where every season rookie skiers join the fray and learn how to ski.

When you’re a beginner, it’s easy to make a lot of mistakes, whether it’s about wearing the wrong gear, applying the wrong layering, or heading straight to the steeper slopes. Like any other sports, it’s important to learn about the dos and don’ts of the trade. This way, you avoid the risk of accidents for you and the rest of the skiers.

As a beginner, ski gear is one of the ski basics that can seriously impact your safety and your progress. That being said, this article will focus on the major pitfalls rookie skiers make when setting up their ski clothing and gear. After all, it is better to discover these things early on rather than getting yourself hurt from direct experience.

Mistake #1: Buying ski gear before testing it out

It is natural for us to get easily excited when buying sports gear. Whether you’re flipping on ski magazines on sports websites, you may feel the impulse to buy the latest ski equipment, especially when you saw that North Face advertisement for women’s boots. But ski equipment can be really expensive when you add up the helmet, boots, and skis.

While you want to own the most reliable and high-quality equipment, it’s always necessary to try it out before fishing out your hard-earned cash. Of course, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on the latest gear only to find out it is not applicable for your level of experience.

The same rule also applies to wearing sunglasses. They may look cool, but they don’t keep your face warm, and they lack wind protection. They also easily slide off, which can be very annoying while skiing. Goggles are still the way to go as they provide the right protection against the cold. When buying goggles, find the ones designed for skiing instead of finding the most expensive one.

It’s also important to know that skiing involves different ability levels that are broken down into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Choosing the best type of gear for your ability level will save plenty of time and energy in the long run.

Ski rental stores allow you to navigate your options without the financial commitment. Their employees will help you find the right style and size for your ski level.

Mistake #2: Wearing the wrong fabric


Most skiers immediately assume that spending the entire day on the slopes means wearing the warmest clothes and layers. In reality, not all warm clothing can provide the warmth you really need. If you’re new to skiing, there are higher chances that you’ll fall several times on wet snow. That is why you need fast-drying clothes.

Ski clothes that easily dry fast have a special feature called the “wicking “system, which means it allows moisture to evaporate instead of absorbing it. Ski brands offer ski jackets with wicking features that contain silk, wool, polypropylene, and polyester. When shopping for ski jackets and inner clothing, look for the ones specifically designed for snow sports with water-resistant or waterproof features.

Mistake #3: Wearing leggings or jeans

Some skiers find alternative ways to prepare themselves for skiing to save more money. But wearing jeans or leggings is a sure way to show everyone that you have no idea what skiing is all about.

Even if it’s your first time on the slopes, it’s safe to invest in a pair of waterproof jacket and ski pants. They include water-resistance and wind-proofing features that will keep you from getting damp and chill. Wearing the right ski clothing will also affect your learning curve, allowing you to ski easier and faster. Plus, your body will even thank you for it.

Your first round of ski experience is always going to be challenging. With plenty of pointers to learn, it’s never easy to prepare for every situation. The easiest way to get it right from the start is to wear the right clothing and gear. They are the ones that will keep you safe and warm, no matter how many mistakes you make on the slippery slopes. Hopefully, these lessons will help you become better prepared as you enjoy your time in the next ski season.

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