How You Can Destress and Look Perfect for Your Big Day


Significant events do not just cause stress and anxiety to the planners but also the principal persons of the event. An example of this is a wedding that leads to tensions, such as an unlikely-timed clash of the bride’s or groom’s family. Among family events, a marriage can likely pit family members against one another, leading to arguments.

The arguments are stressful enough; add to that the anxiety-filled anticipation of the bride and groom for their big day. There are many things to prepare, like picking your dress in the bridal shop and choosing a suitable theme. It’s easy to forget that de-stressing is also an essential part of the preparation.

Anxiety Can Ruin Many Things

One may look lovely and presentable enough for the big day, but with turning stomachs,  profusing sweats, and without an anxiety outlet, it can show up fast. Past the stunning makeup and garb, lack of confidence or tension may manifest, which can ruin how one perceives that big event at the end of the day.

This happens not only at weddings but also at other events such as office presentations, conference hostings, and more. But fret not; a little self-pamper is the panacea, the healer for every mixed emotion you feel. A happy, carefree person is beautiful, so make sure you prep yourself up.  Here are ways you can calm down for any big event:

Prepare your mindset

Once you feel anxious, remember what matters. If you’re delivering an office presentation, then think about it as an opportunity. There’s no way you don’t prepare for it, so remind yourself that you’re ready, hence ready and calm. Just make sure that you give your best beforehand in the preparation process so that you can be confident about being prepared once you’re already at it.

If you feel extremely tense, take the situation less seriously. Remind yourself that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if, this time, you mess up a little. Such a big event is not a reason for you to lose your sense of humor. Keep it less intense and carefree. You can smile, laugh, listen to relaxing music, and engage with others—anything that can make you loosen up and feel laidback.

You can’t control certain things, but at least you have the upper hand on your emotions. You can always control how you respond to stress triggers. When you feel the physical signs of anxiety, you can either entertain negative thoughts alongside worries, fears, and doubts or treat those as an indication of being excited; hence, making you feel grateful, positive, centered, and prepared.

Practice relaxation techniques


The easiest way to relaxing is just one sitting away—no need for extravagant travels and any other luxurious pampering. You only need to sit down, think about the present, and breathe through the most relaxing ways. These would be meditation and relaxation techniques.

Meditation makes you concentrate on your breathing and tap on your present mind. It lets you improve your focus or mindfulness, understand your pain, reduce the noise in your brain, and connect better. It’s an art that takes practice to achieve perfection.

Firstly, sit quietly, set a short time limit (anywhere between five to ten minutes), be aware of your body, and feel your breath. If you’re new to this, it’s so easy to get your mind wandering, but be kind to yourself. Don’t condemn yourself should your mind wander. At the end of your meditation, close it with kindness to yourself. By then, you should notice how your body and heart would feel right.

In terms of breathing, you can pick the easiest—square breathing. Count from one to four while inhaling, then another one to four while holding your breath. Count one to four again while exhaling, then pause while also counting from one to four. Complete five to ten cycles. You should feel grounded and relaxed after this.

Repeat a mantra

You can also repeat your mantra while meditating or doing your breathing exercises. You can repeat, “This event will be successful. I will be doing well.” Make sure you declare anything positive about the event. In everything that you do, even during the preparation, repeat optimistic mantras. Always have your mantra in mind. Everything will go well, and there’s no reason for you to succumb to anxiety.

How You Can Relax Further

Do your normal stress reliever. You can try smelling an orange, chewing gum, playing a relaxing video game, or inflate a balloon (which is another way to breathe deeply). Keep your chin up. The event will be a success.

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